• Pizza: Just sauce on top. Garlic salt & parmeson cheese occasionally included. I especially enjoy Pizza Hut's thin & crispy pizza.
  • Snack foods: Regular potato chips; barbeque chips; tortilla chips; Pringles; Cheez-it; Cheetos; peanuts; pecans; almonds; crackers; walnuts.
  • Pancakes & waffles: With butter & syrup on top.
  • Sides: French fries; nachos; salad.
  • Candies: Reese's; Mike & Ikes; Butterfingers; Payday; Kit-Kat; Nestle Crunch; jelly beans; M&Ms; gummy bears; Tootsie Rolls; candy canes; gum; Skittles; jawbreakers; PEZ; sweet tarts; Smarties; licorice.
  • Regular drinks: Juice, milk; Gatorade; tea; lemonade; water.
  • Soft drinks: Coca-Cola; Pepsi; Dr Pepper; Fanta; Sprite; root beer.
  • Fruits: Apples; lemons.
  • Vegetables: Brocoli; cauliflower; celery; lettuce; corn.
  • Condiments: Peanut butter; ketchup; mustard; regular butter; Nutella; jelly.
  • Spices: Garlic salt; regular salt.

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