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  • Dinner111

    Great moments

    March 15, 2015 by Dinner111

    The moments here are the ones that had me excited.

    • October, 27 2011: Beavis & Butthead return at 9:00 on MTV!
    • Late 2011: Bloons TD 5 gets it's release date!(now released December 14!)
    • New halloween update for TF2!
    • November 14/15: Butter Me Up!

    • January, 11(Wednsday)2012: Abobo's big adventure!
    • Angry birds space: March 22, 2012!
    • August 15: Mann VS Machine + BTD5 DELUXE!!!
    • February 20:!
    • November 18: Nintendo Wii U

    • May 13: Bloons Super Monkey 2!
    • October 12: Pokemon X and Y!
    • July 9: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time!
    • October 13: Skylanders: Swap Force!
    • June 21: Monsters University!
    • July 14: Mega Man Unlimited!
    • August 21: Buns of Steal!
    • September 20: AVGN Adventures!
    • November 24: Bloons Monkey City!
    • December 25: Youtube Poop: Skellington's Revenge!

    • Feb…

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  • Dinner111

    Fictional planets

    August 15, 2013 by Dinner111

    These are planets that I have created for a project that I call "Refiction". For the creatures from TerraFictiona, click here.

    Internetica is a cybernetic planet that is inhabited by a robotic race of beings called the "Cybernecons". The planet's ecosystem is completely made up of an internet-like source of unknown origin covered by a metallic substance that makes up the planet's crust.

    The Cybernecons are robotic humanoids that inhabit Internetica. They move by floating around because they don't have legs. They are able to create any known object in the universe because they are connected to the internet-like source of their home planet. They are also capable of copying the powers of other beings, although they cannot replicate the powers of…

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  • Dinner111

    This blog is to showcase the most powerful TF2 custom weapons I've ever seen.

    • Robin's Valve rocket launcher: +1009900 damage; +109900 clip size; +75 firing speed; On hit: +250 health; On kill: 10 seconds of crits; +50 firing speed; +100 faster move speed.
    • Most Valve weapons: +15 damage; +150 clip size; +15 firing speed; On hit: +15 health; Crits on burning targets; +50 max health; On kill: 5 seconds of crits; +15 fire resistance; +15 move speed.
    • Valve medigun: +15 heal rate; +15 Ubercharge rate; Overheal bonus doesn't decay; +50 max health; +15 fire resistance; +50 move speed.

    • Not Dying Gun(Pistol): +900 damage; +900 clip size; +90 firing speed; +375 max health; On kill: 60 seconds of crits; +100 resistance towards bullets, fire & explosives; …

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  • Dinner111
    • Pizza: Just sauce on top. Garlic salt & parmeson cheese occasionally included. I especially enjoy Pizza Hut's thin & crispy pizza.
    • Snack foods: Regular potato chips; barbeque chips; tortilla chips; Pringles; Cheez-it; Cheetos; peanuts; pecans; almonds; crackers; walnuts.
    • Pancakes & waffles: With butter & syrup on top.
    • Sides: French fries; nachos; salad.
    • Candies: Reese's; Mike & Ikes; Butterfingers; Payday; Kit-Kat; Nestle Crunch; jelly beans; M&Ms; gummy bears; Tootsie Rolls; candy canes; gum; Skittles; jawbreakers; PEZ; sweet tarts; Smarties; licorice.
    • Regular drinks: Juice, milk; Gatorade; tea; lemonade; water.
    • Soft drinks: Coca-Cola; Pepsi; Dr Pepper; Fanta; Sprite; root beer.
    • Fruits: Apples; lemons.
    • Vegetables: Brocoli; cauliflower; celery; le…
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  • Dinner111


    January 8, 2013 by Dinner111

    All creatures & plants that were created with inspiration will have a link to thing that inspired me to make them. For the planets besides the title one, click here.

    The tube-like creatures

    • Habitat: Grasslands

    The blue worm is an enormous, predatory worm similar in appearance to a neotonic tiger beetle larvae, but they have 4 clawed limbs on the sides of their head to help catch prey. They can grow to lengths of 4 metres or so, and their pits can be 8 metres deep. They will selectively clear plants to suit their needs. In the mating season, they will leave their burrows to go on an arduous treck to the breeding grounds. Many are killed, but those who survive will have both bred and may get the chance to breed again.

    • Habitat: Forested areas


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