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Hello & welcome

Welcome to the Tigeradon WikiEdit

Hello, this is dinner101 here, & I am creating a wikia on both my future company(if I ever get one) & as a personal space for your texting pleasures.

September 20, 2011: the birth of the wiki!

Dec 1, 2011: I am still awaiting the arrival of someone else's edit, but until then, I will continue to expand this by myself.

October 17, 2012: I finally earned the wiki god achievement! I hope that my great achievement goes to show that great things can be gotten by those with hard work & massive determination!

October 11, 2013: ObritalFacePalm9001 was given his bureaucrat rights. He has unlocked the true potential of this very wiki, & I thank him for that.

Describe your topicEdit

As stated above, this wiki will be about Tigeradon & will allow users to create their own articles onto the wiki, just as long as they categorize it under their last or username & as long as they don't vandalise anything.

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