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The tape's content is made up of a series of random yet haunting images and clips which are exaggerated memories or views from Samara's life, or glimpses of the future that also reflect the past. The images happen in an extended order and are split into different segments throughout the video. Milena

The video's first image is of the infamous ring made from the well's lid with light shining around the edge, giving it the appearance of an eclipse. This is from Samara's point of view after being dropped down the well by Anna. Other images on the tape show the well's lid being placed over its entrance, creating the ring image.

The second image is of blood rushing into the ocean. This a glimpse of the future where Rachel spooks a horse on a ferry, leading to it jumping off the ship and is killed, its blood spewing from beneath the ferry. This could also symbolise the horse suicides caused by Samara, which all jumped off cliffs to their deaths.

The third image is of a chair, found in Samara's barnyard bedroom. The chair is placed in the centre of the frame but suddenly moves in position and is later seen spinning around upside-down in midair.

The fourth image is of a close-up of hair being combed, before revealing Anna standing before a mirror brushing her hair. The mirror suddenly shifts to the other side of the wall, Samara reflected in the mirror. The mirror then switches back to the side where Anna is, and she turns and smiles. This is a scene from the past where Samara used her psychic powers to play a prank on her mother. And if you listen closely, Samara's song was there in the mirror scene if you turn up the volume.

Afterwards is a brief shot of a nail with a drop of blood running down it, and the next image is of Richard Morgan staring down from the first floor of the Morgan home and then looks off into the distance. This is from Samara's point of view, who spent some time sitting on the swing outside the house.

Next is a shot of the cliff at Shelter Mountain, with a fly walking in a circle onscreen. The fly actually continues to move after the video is paused, and Rachel successfuly removes it from the screen but gets a nosebleed in the process. The next image is disturbing, with a long wire being pulled out of an inhuman creature's mouth. This may reference to Samara's treatment at the Eola County Psychiatric Hospital. Rachel vomits up an old electrode when cursed, Samara having worn similar ones when at the hospital.

The next image is of thrashing black plastic, that of the garbage bag used to suffocate Samara by Anna. A tree is then shown on fire, actually the Japanese maple tree seen at Shelter Mountain opposite the well's location. Samara was admiring the tree when pushed down the well by Anna. The fire element is a reference to the tree's red leaves lighting up when in the presence of the sun.

An image of a finger being impaled by a nail follows, the fingertip becoming detached from the finger. This represents Samara losing her fingernails and tips whilst trying to escape from the well. The next image is of a sea of maggots which turns into a sea of floundering humans. This may represent Samara's possible view of the world and humans.

The next image shows a table, chair and a glass of water from the hospital. The chair is moved aside as a large centipede emerges from under the table and crawls off. This is a reference to Dr. Scott's death, and Samara's link to it.

The following image shows what appears to be a three-legged lamb or goat which limps into a barn. The animal may symbolise Samara's suffering in the world, or her apparent freakshow elements that isolated her from others. The suicidal ferry horse breaks its back legs when it jumps off the ferry, representing its helplessness and perhaps Samara's. A brief image follows of the horse's eye staring in horror.

A box of removed fingers is shown, the fingers twitching violently. This may again symbolise Samara's loss of her fingertips, or the restlessness of her soul. The scene with Anna at the mirror appears again, but Anna is up close and turns as if looking directly at the tape's viewers but is likely looking at Samara.

The next image shows the ladder which is used to access Samara's barnyard bedroom, and is shown falling to the floor. The image after that shows blurred corpses of horses on the shore of Moesko Island. An interesting note is that if one were to turn the volume up really loud, you can hear 4 notes of Samara's song being played on a flute..

Another image shows Anna standing on the cliff, and she falls forwards and disappears off it, comitting suicide after trapping Samara.

The final image of the tape is of the well, sealed. However, as the tape is watched more and more, the final image extends with Samara emerging from the well.

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