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This is my experiment weapon to replace the Ambassador or be a new unlock altogether. Nothing official here, just me having fun with TF2's moddability.

The basis of this gun is the 007 version, first featured in Goldeneye, then almost every 007 game since. It's a gun based on a one shot, one kill mentality, with it's own unique TF2 based nerfs. The video explains everything my initial day of testing and coding revealed about it.

I'm open to suggestions for tweaks, etc, as long at they aren't "This gun is OP, forget about it" "Don't bother, the Ambassador is already here and it didn't work." At least give it a chance.

The Golden Gun -

Written Statistics:

- 300% Damage
- Crits on Accurate Headshot
- 10% Faster move speed on wearer

- 83% (One Shot) Clip Size
- 75% less secondary Ammo (Six shots in reserve) on wearer
- 10% cloak duration (consumption, i.e. drains 10% faster)
- 200% slower reload time
- Dmg falloff increased (dramatically)
- -25 max health on wearer

Unwritten statistics:

- Gaurentees kills on headshots, unlike Ambassador
- Close range shots always gaurentee an instant kill
- "Close" is used rather loosely; the distance is fairly good
- In instant kill situations, all classes will fall in one shot, even heavies
- 10% faster is not that noticable, bit will count in the long run

- HORRENDOUS RELOAD TIME! A full three seconds to reload, and you only get one shot each time
- The gun cannot be loaded whilst cloaked or holding the Dead Ringer
- The animation for reloading does NOT sync with actual reloading; keep an eye on your ammo count
- Switching weapons cancels reload, so you must start again if you do
- It adds 10% cloak consumption, which saps precious cloak time during escapes
- The gun only kills instantly at close range or with headshots; Only headshot can count at range.
- Only six shots in reserve means you must constantly hunt for ammo or risk quickly using it all
- -25 health is pretty bad in firefights; you must be evasive to survive
- The gun MAY NOT kill overhealed heavies, even with a headshot
- The gun does not receive any random critical hits

- The weapon has no custom model. It uses the Clean Ambassador (by BrainZ) with a custom skin (by Me). Model + Animations willl come later
- The original plan for this weapon was to allow an ADS (aim down the sights) fuction to facilitate its crit kill mechanisms:
= Base damage would be 150
= ADS + shooting the back on a target lead to a mini-crit
= Only ADS + headshot lead to a true critical hit (the same the backstab uses, thus ensuring a kill)
= ADS would counteract falloff at the cost of slowing you to the speed of a firing Heavy
- EASTER EGG: In console, the weapon is refered to as the "Augun." Au is the periodic symbol for Gold. All future models/textures will share this little joke
- During development of the prototype, the beta Traquilizer model was to be used as the base, but it did not transfer to the Ambassador very nicely, and was replaced by the Clean Ambassador model (discuss?)

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