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This is a video of 11 of the best known glitches that you can do with yoshi. below is a list of them with tutorials.
All glitches are played by Gamefreak.
The Sky Dive glitch discovered by Gamefreak.

0:11 - #1 The Tongue Glitch
All you do is grab the toad or the warp pad right before you jump on to the warp pad, the tongue will stay long until you press B.

2:03 - #2 The Sliding Glitch
To do this you tap Z to crouch and spin right after you release Z, make sure that Yoshi is actually doing his spin move, you will have to wait a bit after you release Z to spin and make it work

4:24 - #3 Infinite Flutter Jump
For this glitch you start to flutter jump by holding down A, release A, and quicly just TAP Z, and start fluttering again. This takes a lot of practice.

4:57 - #4 Underwater Walking Glitch
This glitch may take a while, you just need to get in the right area. Go near the area pictured in the video, and walk yoshi in until the water is up to his mouth. Be sure not to let the air meter appear. now with Mario/Luigi, walk into the water as close as possible to yoshi until your air meter appears. When your air meter appears make sure your feet go through the ground and once they are through, spin and you should hop on yoshi.

6:40 - #5 The "Sky Dive" Glitch
This one I (Gamefreak) discovered, but sadly I don't have much info on it.
I have only been able to repeat it four times. Once I find out more about it I will post.

6:53 - #6 The Sinking Glitch
To do this stand in the area in the video where the ground begins to slant. Hop off of yoshi and he will sink. This will take some practice.

7:33 - #7 Dash Pepper Backflip Glitch
This one is easy, all you do is get the dash pepper and run into deep water, turn around, and jump off when your still n deep water. Yoshi should shoot forward along with you and then start swimming in place.

8:04 - #8 The Yoshi Tree Glitch
To Do this just flutter towards the tree and jump off of yoshi in mid air when you are a bit in front of the tree and he will be stuck.

8:22 - #9 The Hat Door Glitch
All you do is hop off of yoshi when your in the doorway and push him in until he walks on the wall.

8:58 - #10 The Chubby Cheeks Glitch
To do this grab the pumpkin and pull it while staying on the platform, when the cutscene ends, spin immediatly.

9:20 - #11 The Dash Super Jump
Well actually there are two different glitches in this video clip, the first one is where I fell and landed on top of the dash pepper and since you stall for a second when you land from a big drop, it stalls after you get the pepper. But the main glitch is the super jump, all you do is jump when your on the edge of a platform when your using the dash pepper.

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