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Hi there!

This is a video of my game save on the game Stick Rpg 2 from XgenStudios. In this video I show all levels maxed out and all of the top weapons in use. I have also acquired the highest position in every job and the hoverboard. I also show me winning $1m, twice, in blackjack: gaining the Hustler trophy.

This took about 5 to 6 hours of real-life time, here is more or less how I went about it:
- Spent all my starting money at the university, and got a job as a corporate zombie.
- Spent all wages training intelligence at the university, until I could get a job as a video game developer.
- Continued spending all wages at the university and getting myself promoted, and getting charm from random bonus rewards from my job.
- Deposited bonus money from job into the bank, gaining moderate interest.
- Became a doctor guy and continued spending all money at the university, depositing all random bonus rewards to the bank.
- Maxed intelligence and charm.
- Saved up $1m from wages and random bonus rewards, depositing ALL money to the bank.
- Spam-clicked 'Sleep' till I had about $18m.
- Maxed strength.
- Grinded all jobs until they were all maxed.
- Did hoverboard quest.
- Finished all quests.
- Bought all weapons.
- Saved and completed the game (completing the game does not allow you to continue the game, you may only continue from the last save point).
- Won $1m, twice, at the casino (getting the Hustler trophy).

How to get a lot of positive/negative karma quickly:
- Go to the police station (positive) or the illegal ID salesman (negative - south-west of the club in the evening/night).
- Mass buy ID's, they only cost $150 (negative) or $175 (positive).
- Get massive amounts of karma! :D

How to get the hoverboard (the fastest transport in the game - credit to sonicandfffan at the XgenStudios forum):
- Give the construction worker by the bank at night a hamburger to get a ladder.
- Use the ladder on the lady near the apartments to get her cat back and get a trophymon.
- Give the DJ (in the club) a pizza in the evening.
- Give the DJ (in the club) a McShake in the evening.
- Talk to the shady dealer near the university, and buy Cuban cigars for $2350.
- Go to the shopping centre, and purchase some cigarettes.
- Now go to the shop next door and purchase a 'Zipo' lighter.
- Go to the mobster in Vinnie's bar (just next door) and give him these three items.
- He'll give you a trophymon.
- Keep throwing $25 in the busker's hat near the university in the evening till he gives you a trophymon.
- (Positive karma) Go to the courtyard outside your basement apartment in the evening with all four trophymons, and talk to the pink girl. Give her the trophymons.
- (Negative karma) Go down the road between the apartment (near the university) and the Mobster Tower at night with the four trophymons. Give him the four trophymons.
- Enjoy your hoverboard! (Currently) the fastest transport in the game.

How to get the super sledge hammer (credit to sonicandfffan at the XgenStudios forum):
- Buy toilet paper from Wally Mart. Go to the bar near the university in the evening, and go to the male toilet. Give the toilet paper to the guy.
- Get (very) high intelligence and then go to the male bathroom of the night club (at night) and tell the guy the answer is 'time'.
- Go to the laundry room and talk to the guy with the quest symbol above his head.
- Buy unobtainium for $450,000 from the guy near the university at night.
- Go back to the laundry room and talk to the guy again.
- Enjoy!

How to complete the game:
- Acquire the Mobius Strip, 4D Hypercube and the Mobius Strip ($100,000 each, or can be obtained for less from quests. See for a detailed guide).
- Go to the professor in the university, and give him these three items, you get lab keys.
- Save first. SAVE! You cannot 'continue' the game after the credits, you can only continue from the last save point.
- Go to the lab... Preferably with a Doomsday Glock.
- Preserve all health possible until the final battle.
- Enjoy!

Getting the hoverboard is a pretty long process to describe, but pretty fast in practice. See for a guide.

The song is Musicshake - DJ Mix. YouTube blocked an AWESOME dubstep song that I previously had on the video. I chose this song from the AudioSwap thing because I thought this chilled song would be the most fitting of all the choices.

A HUGE thanks to XgenStudios for (finally - after 7 years) making an absolutely fantastic sequel - I remember playing the first game when I was about 8, and the thought of a second game has been in the back of my mind ever since! I look forward to Stick RPG 3 in 22 years when I'm 36! :D

Hope you enjoyed the video, and found it useful.

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