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A disclaimer appears reading:

The following clips are from videos that we never released for various reasons.

You'll see why.

Rejected VideosEdit

Note: None of the titles of clips are official except "Ian Teaches Kids to Swear" and "Poopy the Snowman".

Clip #1: Teleporting Skinny Guy?Edit

Anthony was playing on his DS when Teleporting Fat Guy appears, except this time he's skinny, much to the shock of Anthony. Anthony asks how, in which Teleporting Fat Guy responds with, "The only way anybody gets skinny. I scarf and barf!" He gives a thumbs up while a message appears saying "Bulimia. Fun for the whole family." along with three rainbows, finally followed by REJECTED.

Clip #2: Banned Pokemon EpisodeEdit

As Anthony was cleaning the kitchen counter, Ian comes in saying that he got a DVD of a Pokemon episode that "apparently gave a bunch of kids seizures." Anthony was hesitant, but Ian urges him to watch it, thinking it'll be hilarious. 20 minutes later, Ian is seen experiencing a seizure himself before the REJECTED appears.

Clip #3: Pee FightEdit

Ian started to lay on his bed to relax, when suddenly, Anthony comes and declares, "Pee Fight!" Ian starts flailing around screaming as Anthony laughs while urinating on him.

Clip #4: Dear SantaEdit

Ian prays to Santa, apologizing about killing that hooker. The same Santa from WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER! appears, prompting Ian to ask if he's still getting a good present. Santa asks for the naked pictures, confusing Ian, but then changes to milk and cookies, in which Ian reluctanty answers yes. Ian then says "Peace player" causing Santa to say "White people..." before the REJECTED

Clip #5: If Religions Were RealEdit

While watching some sort of religious documentary, Anthony says to Ian, "Imagine how stupid it'd be if religions were actually realistic." The furthest the video got was the title page before REJECTED appears.

Clip #6: Biggest Stick ContestEdit

Anthony is standing in front of the door waiting for Ian. He claims that he is going to win the biggest stick contest, when Ian comes out with a long penis, much to the disgust of Anthony. Ian says, "I told you I'd win the biggest d*ck contest!" Anthony corrects Ian by saying "biggest stick." Ian turns around back, disgusting Anthony more as the penis gets close to him before the REJECTED.

Clip #7: Ian in the BathtubEdit

Ian was playing with his toy Thomas in the bathtub, when he asks if he wants to invite "the brave little toaster." Ian grabs a nearby plugged in toaster and puts it in the bathtub, causing electrocution. The mesage "RIP Ian Hecox. He never really understood electricity." appears before showing REJECTED.

Clip #8: Quilting ClubEdit

Ian, Anthony and a black man were discussing the name for their quilting club, so Ian shows the name "Krazy Kwilting Klub." Ian insists that he used all Ks because he thought it was "kinda cute". However, since the name abbreviates to KKK, the black man leaves, leaving Ian and Anthony confused. Anthony shows off "a scary ghost costume" which resembles a KKK uniform. The REJECTED appears with the narrator saying "THAT'S RACIST!"

Clip #9: Ian Teaches Kids to SwearEdit

Ian grows frustrated when teaching a kid a word that "rhymes with duck, but starts with an F." The kid answers "Fduck" and Ian grows even more frustrated before REJECTED appears, with extra emphasis in one syllable.

Clip #10: Limited Vocabulary TimmyEdit

The police officer (Anthony) asks a mother, who says her son has a very limited vocabulary. She asks her son Timmy (Ian) on where Wendy is. However, Timmy can only say the word "balls." The police asks what happened, where the mother replies, "Timmy was molested by a gang of balls." The segment ends with the police officer saying, "My god, that's the second one this week." before three REJECTED signs show up on his moustache and eyebrows.

Clip #11: Poopy the SnowmanEdit

After the title screen, Ian and Anthony are covered in beep, complaining that Poopy the Snowman had melted, with Ian kicking the remains of Poopy.

Deleted Clip: The Guy Who Explains Every JokeEdit

Anthony asks, "What did the duck say when she bought lipstick?" When asked the answer, Anthony says, "Put it on my bill." The three have a laugh, until Ian (as the guy who explains every joke) starts to explain the whole context of the joke. As he explains, everyone gets annoyed, but Ian just wouldn't stop. Anthony grows frustrated and shoots Ian, in which REJECTED shows right afterwards.


Anthony says that they never made those videos and Ian was making them up. However, Ian smirks at Anthony deviously. Anthony looks at himself and finds out he's covered in beep from the Poopy the Snowman video. He screams before the final rejected, only saying now, REGIS PHILBIN!


  • If Clip #8 was an actual rejected video, then it wouldn't make sense for Anthony to create a "scary ghost costume".
  • The banned Pokemon episode that Ian watched was a real episode titled "Dennō Senshi Porygon". It is notorious for causing 685 viewers to have seizures.
  • The guy who played Teleporting Fat Guy in the 1st rejected video, is the internet troll who shouted "FAKE!" in the YouTube segment in If The Internet Was Real.

Subscription EndingEdit

Please click the Subscribe Button! No, you're not... you're not going to click it? Oh, okay. REJECTED!

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

...Why is it so quiet? SHUT UP!

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