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Bomb HoverEdit

  • Effect: Hover in air and gain lots of height/distance
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch.
  • How To: Go to any ledge and stand with your back to it. Drop a bomb in front of you, and do a back flip, then pull out your shield to defend against the blast. You will get knocked back, but be hovering in mid-air.

Bombchu HoverEdit

  • Effect: Hover in midair and gain lots of height/distance
  • Prerequisites: Activate the Infinite Sword Glitch, Bombchu's
  • How To: Go to any ledge and stand with your back to it. Do a backflip, and while in midair, quickly take out a bombchu and shield right after. The bombchu will explode instantly. You will hover in midair unharmed if done right.
  • NOTES: Most people find that this technique is much, much easier than the Bomb Hover, because you don't have to time when the bomb will explode.

Ground JumpEdit

  • Effect: Makes Link preform a small jump that can reach grabable ledges previously too high for Link to grab
  • Prerequisites: Have a Bomb and shield
  • How To: Place a bomb in front of you. Go backwards a little bit, but not too far and make sure the action icon still says "grab". Now take out your sword, press and hold Z and R then press A to grab it, but Link won't grab it because you are holding Z and R. Now wait until the bomb blows up and it will push you back a bit. All of your buttons are now disabled exept Z, R, pause and A. To perform the jump, just attempt to do a backflip (Z + back on the contron stick + A) and Link will jump. *Uses: It sounds useless, but is actually quite useful. A good place to use it is in the main room of Dodongo's Cavern on the right side. Use the bomb flower there to activate Ground Jump, then jump up to the ledge right about it. It skips a very large portion of the dungeon.


  • Effect: Travel at extremely fast speeds
  • Prerequisites: Can range from only a shield to Nayru's Love and bombs.
  • How To: There are 3 ways to do this.

Method oneEdit

You to be near a pick up-able item (e.g. grass, rock) and an enemy nearby. Have the enemy be near the item then press Z and R and roll into the item so that the action icon "attack" changes to "grab" then press A while still in mid roll to "grab the item. When you start to come up from the roll, if the enemy hits your shield, it should activate the superslide. You will be going backwards extremely fast and will not end until you let go of R (letting go of Z is fine).

Method twoEdit

By far the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is put on Nayru's Love and then just follow the steps in Ground Jump and you'll go flying back.

Method threeEdit

Probably the hardest, but most useful. Do a backflip, then in mid-backflip pull out a bomb and press R to drop it. It should be far enough away so that the action icon does not say "grab". Near the end of the bombs fuse, about 1/2 a second after it starts flashing rapidly, mash the A button. You will roll and should "grab" the bomb but not actually grab it. If you timed it right it will blow up when you get up and you will superslide.

  • Notes: Superslides can usually clip into <90 degree angles.

Damage Boosted JumpEdit

  • Effect: Gain height on a jump using a bomb or bombchu (similar to Rocket Jumping in Quake).
  • Prerequisites: Equip bombs/bombchu.
  • How To: Bombs: Take out a bomb. Hold it. Let it run almost to its end, then press Z+R to release it. ' The bomb will explode beneath you.

Bombchu: take out a bombchu. Hold Z. Run off the ledge then quickly press R to shield drop it and it will automatically explode. Press B quickly after pressing R for a slightly higher boost.

  • Notes: Pressing B just after the bomb is dropped will add even more height. With a bombchu, the bomb will explode automatically when dropped.

Mega JumpEdit

  • Effect: Very large jump
  • Prerequisites: Bomb, hover boots
  • How To: Go near any ledge that you can jump off of. Place a bomb behind you then go to the edge of the ledge. After it explodes, try to pause the second Link starts to jump off, Link's legs should still be "touching" the ledge. Quickly switch to the hover boots. If you did it right, you will do a very long jump.

This can be used to get across the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley without the hookshot, among some other uses.

Mega FlipEdit

  • Effect: Backflip or sidehop very far at high speed
  • Prerequisites: Bomb, Shield, sometimes Nayru's Love
  • How To: Put on Nayru's love. Place a bomb in front of you then press Z and R to shield while standing up. When the bomb explodes, it will start to push you back, this is your time to press back on the control stick and A to backflip. You will backflip very far, very fast.

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