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The Scout is the only class with the innate ability to double jump. The only jumps described here are jumps that are shown in the video above.

Double jumpEdit

By pressing the jump key a second time at the peak of the initial jump, the Scout can perform a second jump in any direction. The extra height and distance this ability grants can be used to access areas which other classes cannot. This can be useful for avoiding enemy fire and ambushing incoming enemies. A careless double jump, however, has an easily trackable trajectory, allowing any other competent class to make a kill. It is possible to perform the second jump at any time while in midair. This can be used to negate fall damage by performing the second jump just before hitting the ground.

Force jumpEdit

With the Force-A-Nature equipped, the Scout can use the recoil from a shot to propel himself even higher into the air for an effective Triple/Quadruple jump, depending on use of the Atomizer's triple jump. The third/fourth "jump" produced by the Force-A-Nature shot has more horizontal force and is slightly more difficult to aim and predict than a double-jump. By jumping forwards and firing a Force-A-Nature shot downwards against the jump, the player will propel themselves higher than a double jump, but with the second jump available in reserve. This acts as a trade-off; horizontal momentum is negated in order to provide greater vertical distance.

Bonk! jumpEdit

With the Bonk! Atomic Punch equipped, the Scout can use the recoil from an opposing Sentry Gun (or similar source of knockback) shooting at him (while he is invulnerable) to propel himself up in the air. The higher the sentry level is, the longer the jump will be.

Basher jumpEdit

By hitting himself with the Boston Basher while in midair, the Scout can use the Basher's self-damaging properties to get to places previously inaccessible. Such a maneuver is risky, however, it will only take around four missed swings to bring a non-overhealed Scout with full HP to exactly one hitpoint. Extensive use of medkits is therefore required. Much like rocket jumping, crouching while in midair will greatly increase the distance a Basher-jumping Scout can travel. The Boston Basher can be used in conjunction with the Force-A-Nature to achieve maximum height or distance as the Scout.

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