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  • ===Beasts===
  • Argopelter, a beast which amuses itself by hurling twigs and tree branches at passers by.
  • Axehandle hound, reputedly subsisted on axe handles left unattended; mentioned in Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings.
  • Cactus cat, feline of the American southwest with hair like thorns that intoxicates itself by the consumption of cactus water.
  • Glawackus, a fierce brute resembling either a panther, lion, or bear.
  • Hidebehind, a brute which would seize unwary lumberjacks and devour them, and was said to be so swift that it could hide behind the nearest tree before a man turned around.
  • Hodag, a favorite varmint of the Wisconsin swamps affixed with horns and spikes complemented by a maniacal grin.
  • Jackalope, a rabbit with the antlers of an antelope.
  • Jersey Devil, a predatory creature said to terrorize lifestock in the pines of Southern New Jersey. Often described as winged and bipedal, and sometimes connected to witchcraft and devil worship.
  • Sidehill gouger, a beast legged for hillsides having legs on one side taller than the other thus always traveling in a circular path.
  • Snipe, the subject of a famous ruse of many a camp consisting of a wild goose chase for the animal.
  • Splintercat, a legendary cat in the Pacific Northwest that uses his incredible speed and stiff forehead to smash into large trees, knocking the branches off and withering the trunks
  • Squonk, the most melancholy of creatures which because of its deformed countenance refuses contact with all life and will dissolve in tears if ever gazed upon.
  • Teakettler, a small vermin which makes a noise like the sound of a tea kettle.
  • Wampus cat, a large phantom cat.


  • Fur-bearing trout, a species of trout which grows a thick coat of fur for warmth in its cold climate.


  • Hoop snake, a snake which bites its tail to enable it to roll like a wheel.
  • Joint snake, a snake that can reassemble itself after being cut to pieces.

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