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Creepypasta is another internet meme that involves typing creepystories onto a site about a suppossed incident such as a terryfieng lost episode & an experience that one has allegedly ecountered. Down below are some of the most notable creepypastas that one can find.

Suicide Mouse.avi: This video involves a saddened Mickey Mouse walking down a poorly drawn, never endng street while random piano  keys play in the background. After some minutes of walking, however, the video starts to become corrupted, with the keyboard being replaced with static, the street starting to become impossible to fully walk in & the video starting to swirl around while a the sound of a horrific female scream starts playing. After that horrific scene, the viewer is treated to a scene of an uknown man saying "real suffering is not known" 7 times & then a gun shot is heard, implying that he shot someone, possibly himself. Legend has it that the 1st person to have had the unfortion of watching it has commited suicide for an uknown reason.

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv: A red video showing a man standing in the middle of a room for 20 seconds with a blank stare that suddenly turn into a smiling face after the last 2 seconds.

Smile.jpg: A picture of a dog with human teeth & a bloody hand that appearantly causes it's unfortanate viewers to kill themselves for uknown reasons. The image 1st originated on a blog post about a somewhat uknown user finding an unfortanate female viewer who killer herself from looking at the picture & following the dog's advice of "spread the word" by posting the image virally.

Cupcakes: Quite possibly the most notorious mlp:fim fanfic ever written:it involves pinkie pie tricking rainbow dash into eating a drugged cupcake & then waking up in pinkie's secret chamber(which is full of other dead ponies)where pinkie pie appears(wearing a dress made of pony skins, wings, horns & cutie marks)& begins to brutally murder rainbow dash sadistically inorder to get that "special ingrediant for cupcakes". The fanfic has caused alot of fear in the brony community, & since went viral across the internet.

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