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I'd run if I were you!

  • Numerous mollusk-like tentacles that kill Norm in the storage room. The suction cups on the tentacle serve as mouths, consuming Norm as the tentacles envelop him. The story never directly explains what the tentacles are attached to, although several characters engage in light speculation on the matter.
  • Fly creatures – Small, plump, flying creatures between two and four feet long which swarm over the store windows at night. These creatures have pink, burnt-flesh coloured skin, and their eyes are on stalks protruding from their heads.
  • Albino, nocturnal pterosaur-like creatures called "Pterobuzzards" which pluck the aforementioned fly creatures off of the store windows. One enters through a hole in the store's display window and kills a man named Tom Smalley. The creature is then killed by David Drayton
  • Black spider-like predators each about the size of a dog called "Grey Widowers", which hunt by scent. These have the ability to project acidic "spider-webs" which can burn through materials like cloth and flesh. They claim the lives of Jim Grondin, Buddy Eagleton, Dan Miller, Mike Hatlen, Hattie Turman and several patrons of the next-door pharmacy.
  • A mostly unseen creature with a scorpion-like segmented body with lobster claws that kills Ollie Weeks by ripping him in half.
  • A very large creature with six legs. Other than the legs, with hundreds of the aforementioned small flying creatures attached to them, this creature is unseen. Although the creature's exact size is never specified, David gets the impression that its size would make a blue whale resemble a trout if both were posed together, and its weight is sufficient to leave six-foot-deep footprints the size of a large SUV in solid concrete.
  • A giant kite-like creature glimpsed flying through the mist.
  • A large, green insect resembling a twisted and deformed dragonfly with long, clear wings, which alights on the car.

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