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The Doom-shroom is the most powerful of all of the instant kill plants, and is capable of affecting every row when exploding in the middle row. Detonating it creates a crater, which you cannot plant in for a short while.

Grey Goo is the main character. He can eat anything that smaller then itself. His apparance is that of a slimy grey ball with 2 adorable eyes. In Tasty Planet, his eyes are above his head. In Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds his eyes are in front of his head. In Tasty Planet his story begins whith the scientist that created him.

In Majora's Mask, the Moon is the ominous object that threatens to destroy Clock Town in 72 hours during Link's adventure in Termina. By the power of Majora's Mask, it had been pulled from its orbit and destined to crash into Clock Town, which would obliterate the town along with most of Termina. The Moon also appears to lesser effect in Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, mirroring its real life counterpart with identical phases, size, and transit direction across the night sky.


Tesla's work on particle beam weapons can be traced all the way back to 1893 with his invention of a button lamp, and again to 1896 when he replicated the work of William Roentgen, discoverer of X-rays. At that time, Tesla was "shooting" X-rays over considerable distances, creating photographs of skeletons sometimes as far away as 40 feet from the source of the gun. Tesla was also involved in experiments with shooting cathode rays at targets. This and similar work from one of Tesla's British colleagues, J.J. Thompson, led to the discovery, by Thompson, of the electron. During that period in the mid-1890's, Tesla conversed often with Thompson, particularly in the electrical journals.

When the weapon is activated, meteors start falling from the sky. A meteor's explosion radius is as large as a dynamite's explosion radius. It can destroy a landscape with a few meteors. Worms that get caught in the Armageddon are usually exposed worms, but the meteors can also hit worms that are underground. The worms that usually don't get hit are underground worms in the center-bottom of the landscape. Armageddon causes the view to shake like an earthquake, but it doesn't actually shake worms.

A doomsday device is a hypothetical construction—usually a weapon, or collection of weapons—which could destroy all life on a planet, particularly the Earth, or destroy the planet itself, bringing "doomsday", a term used for the end of planet Earth. Most hypothetical constructions rely on the fact that hydrogen bombs can be made arbitrarily large assuming there are no concerns about delivering them to a target (see Teller–Ulam design) or that they can be "salted" with materials designed to create long-lasting and hazardous fallout (e.g., a cobalt bomb).

The Big-O-Blaster (better known as B.O.B.) is a doomsday weapon built by Mingella and Blobbelda in Banjo-Tooie. The machine can suck the life force out of anything shot by its energy beam, reducing objects to a monochrome state and zombifying living creatures. This process also works in reverse, providing there is enough life force stored for the target.

The Blast-O-Matic is the machine that King Krusha K. Rool used to try to destroy DK Island in Donkey Kong 64. It stopped working after it hit a rock. In order to destroy the machine and save DK Island, (before they fix it) you must collect Blueprints from Kasplats during the other levels of the game, give them to Snide and enter Hideout Helm. Depending on how many Blueprints you gather, The Blast-O-Matic will be delayed from destroying DK Island. If you collect all 40 blueprints, then the timer is delayed by 50 minutes.

X-5 Unit appears in the movie Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. The X-5 Unit is a biological weapon, ATF Agent Bork says that the X-5 Unit is a dangerous weapon that can wipe out 5 states in 5 days. If the X-5 Unit hits the ground hard, the virus will be release and spread, killing millions.

A 1934 New York Times article on the topic of Nikola Tesla’s death ray said that the weapon would send a particle beam through the air. It was going to be so powerful that it could take out up to 10,000 airplanes from 250 miles away. Tesla envisioned a world where every country was protected by his death ray, making war impractical. Of course, people would have just come up with other ways to fight or simply annihilated each other with the Tesla death rays, but the idea was born. Tesla simply needed to sell it and build it.

The Omegamatic (also known as the Armageddon Machine) is a giant destruction device built by the Shikadi to destroy the galaxy. It is guarded by different robots and creatures, most of them being the Shikadi themselves.

The Death Stars, whose concept had been explored even before the Clone Wars, were the first in a long series of superweapons developed to execute the Tarkin Doctrine. The Death Star was designed to allow Emperor Palpatine to more directly control the Galactic Empire through fear. In most instances, a Death Star was to be commanded by a Moff.

The SpotMaster 6000 is a machine SpongeBob used to clean off a hard spot off a plate in the episode: The Krusty Plate. It shoots a laser that has a combination of soap and water.

The Bloonsday Device is a new Special Agent released on March 1, 2012. The Bloonsday Device will send out beams that will follow wherever your cursor is, and these beams can and will destroy most Bloons easily.

The Ultimate Nullifier has been described as "the universe's most devastating weapon." As such, the Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to completely and utterly eliminate any target the wielder chooses (through violation of the law of conservation of mass), and—if the wielder's mind isn't powerful enough—the wielder himself.

The Beast Planet is a space station of incredible size, larger than all significant solid solar bodies including worlds such as Tek and Fire. Its origin is unknown, as is its true purpose as it travels around the universe consuming planets, earning it the name Eater of Worlds.

The Dragoon is an incredibly powerful item that can cause an instant KO. In order to use the Dragoon, one must find all of the three pieces of it (Dragoon Part A, Dragoon Part B, and Dragoon Part C). Collecting one of the parts causes a small picture of that part to appear to the left of that character's icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Ultimate Insult is a dangerously powerful Voodoo talisman, described by the Voodoo Lady as twice as powerful as Big Whoop and five times as dangerous. Its legendary powers can dissolve the egos of even the most fearsome pirates. The Voodoo Lady explains that it hurls insults in an ancient, primal language from which all other languages are derived; Guybrush eventually discovers that this language is monkey jabber, and that the same insults are still used in Monkey Kombat.

The Anihilaarg was an extremely powerful and dangerous weapon used by the ancient Contemelia. It looks like a purple box with a red button inside it. The Anihilaarg had the power to destroy an entire universe when activated.

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